Sarah Piironen Layout Demo Reel – August 2020

  • 2020.08.29
  • FX
Sarah Piironen Layout Demo Reel – August 2020

Hello there! Here is my current Layout Demo Reel. The shots featured are from Barbie Princess Adventure (Layout) and from The Willoughby’s (Final Layout).

Barbie Princess Adventure has not yet been released on Netflix, so these are shots that I worked on that have been cut together from promotional lyric videos that have been released. They are not whole sequences due to this, so hopefully I will have more to show once the film comes out. As I was a layout artist, this meant I dealt with creating camera compositions and camera animations, character placement and rough animation, rough fx blockins, and I also had to work with incorporating mocap in this feature. Basically I had to translate the storyboards into the CG world before the scenes could be given to animation.

The work that I did for The Willoughby’s was Final Layout, therefore it was a lot more technical work. My work included smoothing out and cleaning camera animations, baking constraints, replacing assets with the proper updated versions, and addressing any notes that editorial may have given such as changing the speed of a camera movement, or changing the timing in a specific character animation. I then had to conform the sequence and split the sequence into individual shots for animation. The last step was to cleanup the individual shots so there wasn’t any unneccesary assets, errors in the publish, or weird frames on the camera or character handles.

Thank you for watching this video and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to chat. Hopefully I will have more to show you all soon.