Dave’s Bluejay Farewell ~ Aerial Memory Trip & Tribute

  • 2021.02.13
  • FX
Dave’s Bluejay Farewell ~ Aerial Memory Trip & Tribute

It’s difficult to fully encapsulate, in words, what David Garner (Superintendent with Jaynes Corporation) accomplished in the small mountain community of Mancos Colorado in 2018 & 2019. Renovating the existing Elementary School…interconnecting the Elementary School with the “Little Jay” Gym and kitchen…with a brand new Cafeteria building…structural indoor kitchen gut & renovation (over a summer)…ALL while school stayed in session…state of the art athletic facilities with nike turf football & practice field…new track…concession stand & locker rooms…and Grand stands that now overlook the whole campus and the La Plata Mountains to the northeast.

Within the cloud of dust, sweat and work to complete all of these spaces, David managed to impact a lot of Bluejay lives in the process. Aside from the hundreds of Little Jays that would say, “Hi David!”, as they walked by the project, Bluejay staff like Elementary Principal Cathy Epps and Director of Noms Janet Fogel waited for their new spaces to come together, and always had an encouraging smile on their faces. While he led the construction crews INSIDE the fence, the Jaynes team saw these Bluejay staff memebers and Superintendent Brian Hanson, lead their children and community through displaced and noisy construction…a coronovirus pandemic…and the food vacuum known as Neil Dolder.

This video tribute was Neil Dolder’s idea…to send David off onto the next big thing with something to look back on and never forget how much he impacted the community of Mancos, Colorado.

Music: “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Atkins, used with utmost appreciation, and no intent of monetary gain, now or ever from this edit.

Aerials: DJI Phantom 4, capturing 1080p res @ 60 frames (59.94!)

Stitching, transitions, photo overlays, focus FX, music and a LUT color profile done in BMD DaVinchi Resolve 16 Studio running on:

Intel Core i7-10700
64 GB DDR4 Memory
GeForce RTX 2070 Super
2 TB NVMe M.2 Storage
w/ liquid cooling, lotsa assignable LED’s, and clean wire-management detailing

Built by the guys at Comp-U-Tech in Farmington, NM https://gcs-inc.biz/